I am a multidisciplinary creative and front-end developer.


I was born and raised in a rural part of Merelbeke, a city in Belgium, where I was spoonfed tinkering with technology from early on. While growing up, the Sega and Windows 95 machine at home shaped my interest in computers. During my time at secondary school, I started experimenting with Flash and wrote scripts in TI-BASIC to automate Math calculations (and store course notes from time to time). I studied at Howest and graduated as Deviner. Right now, I live in Ghent and work at Adagio Agency, where I try to do my best to develop fast and reliable online experiences.


  • Interstellar — A series of Sublime Text 3 themes inspired by a journey into outerspace.
  • Hoist.js — A zero-dependency script to avoid gaps in fluid, breakpoint-aware columns
  • Stilt.js — A zero-dependency script to give elements the same height
  • TTYG — A Sass mixin that generates layouts from (chained) context descriptions
  • Headstart — A preconfigured, automated front-end workflow


  • Semantic structure
  • Make it usable on the "Any Screen"
  • Work from 0 to best case scenario
  • Test with the browser corner
  • Automate whenever possible
  • Try to learn/use more ARIA
  • No page jank
  • Be open-source