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UX Motion Choreography

5 years ago | #CSS #Javascript #Motion #UX

Even though animation has always been present in the web—be it as $el.slideUp() or $el.animate()— the arrival of CSS transitions and animations, and the death of Flash rekindled general interest in animated interfaces and elements. This animation can be boiled down into a set al well-known rule-of-thumbs.

Random javascript tricks

5 years ago | #Javascript #Snippet

Here are some JS tricks that I had stuck in a .txt on my desktop for quite a while. Since I’m doing a spring clean, I’d better post them here so I don’t forget about them!

Some might not be particularly good for usage with teams (unless you all know about them of course), but it’s interesting nonetheless to know that these exist.


6 years ago | #Javascript #UX

With ouibounce, you can show a modal when visitor moves his mouse to the top of the window, eg. for clicking a bookmark or focusing on the addressbar.