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UX Motion Choreography

5 years ago | #CSS #Javascript #Motion #UX

Even though animation has always been present in the web—be it as $el.slideUp() or $el.animate()— the arrival of CSS transitions and animations, and the death of Flash rekindled general interest in animated interfaces and elements. This animation can be boiled down into a set al well-known rule-of-thumbs.

Random javascript tricks

5 years ago | #Javascript #Snippet

Here are some JS tricks that I had stuck in a .txt on my desktop for quite a while. Since I’m doing a spring clean, I’d better post them here so I don’t forget about them!

Some might not be particularly good for usage with teams (unless you all know about them of course), but it’s interesting nonetheless to know that these exist.

Responsive scrollable tables

6 years ago | #CSS #Responsive

The concept of responsive tables isn’t new, and a solid solution is forcing the rows and cells into different blocks, with generated labels from data- attributes.

The following approach uses a different take, which might as well serve for tables that don’t even fit on larger screens.


6 years ago | #Javascript #UX

With ouibounce, you can show a modal when visitor moves his mouse to the top of the window, eg. for clicking a bookmark or focusing on the addressbar.